Then you can share your knowledge, and experiences with us. Do the brebas taste any differently from the main crop? most of the time when I call nurseries I get employee's who don't really know shirt,"what's mosaic?" Texas Blue Giant Fig Tree (ficus carica) ... All Fig varieties grow very well in containers, indoors or on the patio. Sources for "clean" Atreano-Belleclare try: Zaino's Garden Center, Westbury, NY (Long Island)Dan's Cajun FigsDurio Nursery...cuttings from my "Atreano" and "Red Italian" trees went to Dalton for propagation. Pleasure to give you this link for the GIGANTICfig sale on Ebay: Fabulous Figs A fresh fig is one of the most beautiful fruits of the Mediterranean. The rich sweet flesh is dark strawberry to purplish red and are excellent fresh or dried and likely preserved as well. With the good comes the can split in rainy weather if the roots get waterlogged. Perennial Hibiscus), Chartreuse Foliage/Stems or Marked with Chartreuse, Maroon, Burgundy, or Purplish-Red Foliage/Stems or Marked with those or similar colors, Orange Foliage/Stems or Marked with Orange, Purple Foliage/Stems or Marked with Purple, Silver or Gray Foliage/Stems or Marked with Gray or Silver, Yellow Foliage/Stems or Marked with Yellow, Shopping Cart Items: 0 I've never let any breba develop in past years, and I would like to learn how to get these figs to ripen for maximum sweetness. Putting dishes away made a racket like a bowling alley. Anyone else in zone 6 or below have luck w/DK? It bears a large fruit with a pinkish skin and a juicy, sweet lus-cious flesh with a unique flavor and texture. It is self-pollinating and is resistant to spoiling and splitting. Item# 11024, The GE Neri Fig produces exceptionally large purple skinned figs with sweet reddish flesh. I learned something, again, from the Fig Forum. This was … You'll waste your valuable time waiting for nothing. It’s a shrub or small tree to 4 m which is native to tropical Central America. or "they come from the wholesaler" and shhh that's a secret), but got a message every time that all rep's were busy. Do what you want, not what your family members want. LSU Gold is a big bright honey fig, and LSU purple is a productive dark fig that can taste like maple sugar candy when fully mature. Maybe you will be (pleasantly) surprised. There's really no way, looking only at floor plans and/or elevations, to get the feel of the spaces & ceiling heights. Filter by price. Resistant to spoiling and splitting and good fresh, dried, or preserved. Good information, thanks for the update Frank. IF ripened properly. The real "Atreano" is a great, short-season fig, that will produce superior fruit...and without being temperamental. I don't think I want to buy these cuttings, they aretoo expensive for cuttings. It is a vigorous tree that often bears a breba crop. Very interesting background facts, especially about the "Brunswick" variety. Swine food! My client took a plunge without 3-D's & worried about it every day. I sent an email to Dalton at Durio today, we'll see what the news is there. Thanks for the information. Nero is known to produce a breba crop as well as the main crop. Texas Blue Giant Fig Tree. Developed at LSU by Dr. Ed O'Rourke and company for fig production in the hot humid South, LSU Gold produces large flattened green figs that ripen to greenish yellow, yellow, or yellow blushed with red. Fewer figs on branch can also lead to bigger size figs. Aromatic Plumeria. On a protected area, it can stand the temperature of -10°c to -14°c. Since you confirm that certain varieties are not made for cooler climates, her is a link to a variety made for cool climates:COLD WEATHER FIGThe fig info starts at 3:22, so scroll ahead if you wish. Chicago Hardy produces large crops of medium to small nearly black to brown or violet, pear shaped to turbinate figs with amber to strawberry flesh with a rich sweet flavor. Stripping leaves will weaken trees. Item # 921. Location, location, location. I try to be open and honest about my experiences, especially, when I fail. Zaino's doesn't ship, that would have just been too easy. The trees grow to average size and are considered to be long lived and are highly productive producing large crops. Item# 11025. A sweet, reddish very rare, cold hardy variety fig from Switzerland.Excellent for cold climate. I have NEVER seen any evidence of FMV on any of these locally-grown, backyard trees, and few, if any, are protected. Great to read your postings again! Mismatching fig varieties can be a trap that we all fall in sooner or later. Thanks so much for the photo. In addition, we are talking about Ebay here, so what you see might not be qhat you get. GE Neri is an Italian fig and is still relatively new to the US. Is the other fig, that's cut in half, also a breba, or main-crop, shown for comparison? The brebas seem to be larger on the average than the main crop. Alma bears fruit at a young age. Here is a giant Breba fig from My Atreano:I like it better than Brunswick and Brown Turkey in Breba Form,+ it makes much better Main crop,than, the 2 mentioned. The rich, sweet acidic flavor of Negronne is delectable and nearly unmistakable. Good for fresh eating and drying and LSU says it is an excellent choice for preserves. Along with exceptional, unique and advanced features for its members to keep track of their fig collection. Item# 9971. Be informed, and post your results...especially the failures. My snacks, drinks, a lot of pizza, and my band lol!! Giant devil’s fig (Solanum chrysotrichum)originated from Central America, and is a class 3 declared noxious weed on the NSW North Coast. Palito An outstanding large white flat fig from Portugal. It may help others to avoid a disappointing mistake. Mar 10, 2020 - Explore Ana M's board "FIG Varieties" on Pinterest. I agree that Atreano is a keeper. The ‘Sequoia’ tree is of medium vigor and size and is a regular and productive bearer, developing both a Breba and second crop in most years. The Chinese banyan has smooth oblong leaves 2 … Place your orders with a reputable dealer. Sometimes even mom is wrong. Good to see postings from you again. At moment I have about 20 varieties and they are all doing great. I was wondering about the flavor also. I'm going to guess NO based on what you have had said in this thread so far. Far more hassle than it was worth. Negronne may produce a breba crop in mild climates and is an excellent choice for all fig growing regions with excellent cold hardiness. yes many figs with different names are the same .Some may take on a different appearance due to climate.I'll take a small fig over a large figs as they are better to me in taste.But everyone palate is different. Anyway, I know if you can keep a healthy dormant bud for your CH to start the season with it will ripen figs for you. View all of the figs that we offer here at Almost Eden or find figs by fruit color, growing region, or figs for container culture. A recent LSU release from Dr. O'Rourke's breeding program at LSU. I'm in the wrong climate for these kind of figs. However, the brebas, under the right conditions, are very tasty. Bright yellow skin colour with honey coloured flesh. The one or two figs that didn't suddenly abort, actually did ripen into dry, insipid corky figs, with barely a hint of sweetness. This is my opinion, and experiences. Little Ruby is so compact in fact that it is sometimes selected as a bonsai specimen. Explore this amazing landscape of rolling green valleys, misty mountains, winding rivers and friendly wildlife. Also they do well in my hot and humid climate. The "Red Italian" made some very sweet little red-black figs, and this year it was my winner. All the plants that had issues and needed to create a growth bud from nowhere put on good growth and made figs, none of which ripened. The fig has performed very well, growing in a small space between the parking lot and the south facing wall. A small crop of fruit in the spring (called breba fruit) ripens in July followed by the main crop one month later. Well ,.the other fruit seem smaller a little.They are both Breba.The Flavor and taste is very good but not as good as End of September main crop.I do not know how large a half a pint is,but I can tell you these jar are 10 ounces jars,possible what is called half pint.That breba fig in top of Jar was about 4 to 5 ounces.Also what is good about Atreano is that main crop are 3 ounces average and larger than the 2 mentioned above,+ super tasty and flavorful + it had zero die back this past Winter ,in ground,took 10 * F without any problem,so now is full of Breba and because is very early in Forming this year,I think it will ripe both crops just fine in 2012due to early staRT.fRANK:i AM SORRY,i CAN'T REALLY GIVE ADVICE FOR pOT GROWN FIG TREE,BECAUSE i WAS NEVER TOO GOOD IN GROWING IN POT.hOWEVER,i WOULD SAY THAT IN ORDER TO GET TOP TASTING FIG,THE CROP SHOULD BE THINNED TO WHAT THE PLANT CAN SUPPORT,THE PLANT SHOULD BE THINNED TO 3 TRUNKS ONLY,AND WATER SHOULD BE ONLY GIVEN AS FAR APART AS POSSIBLE AND ONLY AT MINIMUM WHILE THE FRUITS ARE GETTING RIPE.Also fertilizer should be kept to minimum,and Limestone powder at maximum.