The pleasure of contributing to a rural economic revival is your bonus...READ MORE, The choice of eco-conscious fashion-forward consumers. Priceless nutrition at prices to leave you amazed...READ MORE, A 100% organic miracle product bottled for you with meticulous care. Though these families have small farms they don’t do farming as animals destroys their crops. You can see, touch, and feel our beautiful hemp textiles and other sustainable by yourself. The result is organic hemp fabric that looks amazing, feels fabulous, and is durable enough to be used in clothes that will last for years. There are still some hurdles – hemp cultivation is still not legal in every country, the industry is at a nascent stage, hemp fiber clothing isn’t yet as soft as cotton. Hemp Foundation is the largest exporter and wholesale suppliers of hemp fabric, hemp oil, hemp hearts, and derived products. A knit fabric stretches easily across its length and width. Forget about following up with suppliers for tracking your consignments. There are approximately 50 Hemp fabrics included in the swatch book. Hemp fiber has been used thousands of years in clothing. Upholstery – Canvas – Knits – Stretch Knits – Silk – Apparel/Quilting – Linen – Muslin – … Now, hemp fiber fabrics tend to wrinkle – but much lesser than linen. Hemp plants add rich organic matter to the topsoil and helping it retain moisture. • In the pure form, hemp fabric is the coarsest to touch. Request a sample and decide for yourself. Each ton of hemp cultivated takes 1.63 tons of CO2 out of our atmosphere! These women from mountains are already very beautiful in appearance and at heart but now they are making the world a better place by promoting the most sustainable plant on earth. Organic cotton required less energy than organic hemp, but the margin was fairly small. 100% hemp fabric has an attractive natural finish and can also be mixed with cotton or silk to produce a wide variety of different weights and types of fabric. Every inch of fabric or clothing on these pages comes from beautiful remote Himalayan villages of Uttarakhand, India made by love and care by these hard working women. Hemp can change that as it grows on barren land also...READ MORE, Uttarakhand’s ghost villages thriving with people and life: that is our dream. Quick Buy Hemp … $12.50 CAD. You can expect us to prepare your consignment at the earliest upon order confirmation. $139.00. Hemp V/s Cotton Our network of suppliers comprises the most renowned producers of hemp fabric India, which allows us to buy bulk hemp fabric at competitive rates. There isn’t really much to differentiate them other than the labels. And surprised that the villagers were leaving. It consumes far less water (to produce 1 kg material, it needs almost 2300 liters of water, as against 10000 liters for similar cotton produce For every acre of land cultivated for hemp fiber, you will get up to 1500 pounds, whereas the count is about 500 pounds for cotton. As the leading hemp fabric manufacturers and wholesale suppliers from India, we export organic hemp fabric to the world – durable, eco-friendly, and affordable. Hemp and Viscose Woven Fabric $ 24.95. This 100% organic hemp fabric (dark gray) is truly a beautiful, satisfying fabric! Hemp does not require copious quantities of pesticides (rather, hemp itself makes pests detest & avoid it. That question started it all...READ MORE, We are determined to develop sustainable livelihood options for Uttarakhand’s farming families. To perform this test take a small sample of the fabric and ball it into your fist. Our joint venture with Mandakini Weavers makes us one of the few hemp clothing wholesale services that strive to bring about a positive social change. The tender care of farmers with dreams. • Hemp fiber and fabric are naturally resistant to mildew and moth. Discover an amazing kaleidoscope of topics and information...READ MORE, Check us out through others’ eyes. Hemp is extremely versatile and can be used for countless products such as apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, and home furnishings. As a leading hemp fabric wholesale suppliers, our … Hemp and Silk – Satin Finish $ 49.95.