The proximity of the company’s network of distribution centers to Amazon’s warehouses means turnaround times are minimized. Amazon, compared to other marketplaces, though, tends to carry stricter seller guidelines. Even if the product has no damage and functions, it was likely returned to Amazon under one of those issues. eBay has always been a favorite place for the "garage sale" entrepreneurs. Get pallets of BRAND NEW and LIKE-NEW goods for pennies on the dollar. Secure inventory by purchasing liquidation pallets. Similar to a storage unit auction, you don't know what you're getting until you buy it. You need to buy liquidation pallets which contain customer returns, shelf-pulls and over stocks of top-tier retailers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc. The potential for profit is there. Expect Top Brands. Our Amazon liquidation truckloads come at some unbelievably low prices! 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,052. Will show signs of light use. They want to own streams of passive income that make working a choice, not a necessity. My business is in Nevada, where Liquidation dot com is located. Department Store Liquidations is a direct liquidator of Merchandise from What I mean by that is, you will only profit if you buy at the right price since you have little to no control over the resale prices you will ultimately get for the inventory. By using our services, you agree to … Most of these items were still in excellent condition. They purchased a pallet for $570 ($300 went to shipping). Like other liquidation marketplaces, is where professional buyers can purchase liquidation pallets. Mystery pallets often sell at a lower price than manifested pallets. Now, you might be thinking that these pallets consist of nothing but junk, but that isn't the case! Call us on +1 (647) 544-1235 or send us an email to This is the same strategy we've seen hundreds of people use to become millionaires. - Zach Winsett We are so excited to have such awesome pallets and great people to work with on the west side of town! But, as you learned, there are risks to buying Amazon liquidation pallets. $40,000+ MSRP per pallet. Be sure to check out our guide on how to sell products online to learn more about setting up and marketing your store. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying the Capitalism Programs, the economy, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors. Ryan Daniel Moran, the founder of, just revealed how to go from zero to 7-figures in only 12 months. Online auctions have new deals added weekly. Liquidation Pallets, Delivery Available to Montreal & Gatineau This Friday & Saturday. Liquidation buyers can then take these items and resell them on Amazon. We have thousands of pallet options on our show room floor everyday for single pallet sales. Depending on your area, you might also have a local warehouse that you can visit and inquire about Amazon pallets for sale. The shipping freight alone can seriously eat into any potential profit from reselling the merchandise. Items are brand new with a minimum of 90% “giftable” condition unless otherwise stated in the manifest. Pricing – USD – Taking Offers. Each Truckload has: 24-26 Pallets Quality: Store Returns, Overstock, Closeouts, Liquidations Categories Include: Appliances, Furniture, Sporting Goods, Cribs, Car Parts, Home Improvement Items, Lawn Care, Fitness Equipment and so much more. In addition, many liquidators will 'cherry-pick' the inventory. People are building online stores with inventory sourced from Amazon returns. Selling liquidation pallets is a gamble, but…. You can better judge each pallet and negotiate the best price. Is It Ethical to Sell Liquidation Products? All sales are final, and you want to ensure you know what you're buying before you make payment. How to Buy Amazon Customer Return Pallets, What Happens to those Amazon Return Pallets, How to Buy Walmart Customer Returns Liquidations, Sam's Club Liquidations-Returns and Overstock Inventory, Buy GameStop Trade-in Electronics, iPhones & iPads, Walmart excess inventory liquidation auctions starting at $1, Target excess inventory liquidation marketplace, Sears / Kmart Launches Liquidation Marketplace for Excess Inventory, Where to Find Wholesale Liquidation Deals, Liquidation Inventory - Buying Customer Returns & Overstock. Here are the answers you're seeking. Also, remember to read the fine print in any contracts you sign. Shoppers may leave negative product reviews. These are the items that are too damaged or defective. Amazon made returns free and nearly effortless to take the uncertainty and perceived risk out of the consumers' mind at the point of purchase. So, what happens to all those customer returns that Amazon so happily accepts? It isn't uncommon for 80% of the value of these pallets to come from 10-20% of the items, so if the liquidator picks out those few items, there go your profits.