We need a way to discourage squirrels from getting into bird feeders and the garden. To find the best pellet gun for squirrels, you need to be focused on finding specific features. Small game can be tricky to hit unless you have the right kind of pellet gun. Find a squirrel pellet gun from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Daisy Outdoor Products 992880-603 880 Rifle with Scope, Brown.177 Caliber. I then saw some airsoft spring pistols that shoot 200fps w/ a 6mm plastic BB. Squirrels are harmless to humans. Most of the squirrels I’ve taken have been with .177 caliber pellets, though there’s certainly nothing wrong with .22 cal pellets, which is why I include a gun that shoots that on this list. They both work! The gun is very simple to operate and offers unmatched accuracy. Read reviews to find the best gun for squirrel hunting from Daisy, Crosman, Tippman and more. Either way, the hunter is as good as the rifle. It is now one of the largest producers of pellets for air gun use with products that are of high quality. What is the best pellet gun to kill a squirrel? The DPMS Full Auto is a high-quality BB gun as one of the best air rifles for pest control has a realistic feel to it. All the fundamentals are perfectly combined to deliver superb functionality for Daisy Model 35. Features: Best Pellet Gun for Squirrel Hunting. What’s more, you need to make sure you have enough power in your pellet gun to actually deter small animals from coming back into your home, garden, or wherever you are having a problem with them. You get to see a lot of game, make a lot of stalks, and do a lot of shooting. I don't want to kill them, just give them a good reminder not to enter. Best for the Money .177 Pellets for Squirrels: Gamo Luxor Cu Sharp Pyramid Shaped Hunting Pellet Gamo is a popular household name for air rifle competition and hunting for a long time. Features. Check Best Price . This rifle can be put on full auto which gives a blowback action. This rifle comes with an angled foregrip, one magazine, and a BB speed loader. The 17 Best Squirrel Guns Ever I love to squirrel hunt for the pure, low-brow fun of it. Be it a .22 or .177. Price: $59.99: You Save: $20.00 (25%) Price Disclaimer. Best Pellet Gun for Squirrels and Small Game. However, they can wreak havoc on your property. Being a lightweight pneumatic gun, this best quiet air rifle for squirrels is great for starters to get the basics of shooting. The Outdoor 880 Rifle from Daisy is one of the coolest BB guns on the market. Finding the best air rifle for squirrels can be a challenge, but once you have an understanding of how they work, you’ll probably find the search process to be a little easier. Most of the hunters argue that .177 is good for feathers and .22 best for fur. The best pellet gun is the one you have perfectly mastered. Pellet & BB Shootout; This multi-pump pneumatic gun … DEAR MIKE: It’s probably not a good idea to use a BB gun to scare off squirrels, especially if you occasionally hit them. The key factor for both guns is pellet placement. I thought about a couple of different airguns gut I think they would wound and eventually kill the squirrel. As for the sound comment, there are plenty of reasons to use an air gun that makes noise (don’t think the noise ruins the experience). Daisy Outdoor 880 With Scope – Best BB Gun For Squirrels.