She married one Mr Screwala. • • • • • • Merchant, Merchant, Merchant & Merchant. Toddywala. FOR ALL CONCERENED, I HAVE CREATED 3 FREE WEBSITES, USEFUL TO THE COMMUNITY. No, Titwala is a suburban railway station on the Mumbai Central line. A more appropriate Coinage – could be from Gujarati RAATA -TAATA, Originally RAATAD = Red faced (with Anger like a Tartar). Parsi community – They say a Parsi is always born, you cannot create a Parsi. 0 0. more . We came as refugees but the family soon settled and by 1953 my father had restarted playing golf at the Willingdon Club. My name today is Comedymanifestowalla! Common names like Darius, Cyrus and Xerxes represent the greatest kings, while Yasmin and Esther the beauty of nature. They Were Masters at the Trade done, from Roowala, to Workingboxwala to Wadiwala , to Ghaaswala etc. He lived with his in laws Mr and Mrs Pochkhanawala. etc. Thus This Surname stuck as PANDAY. Doctor, Mr. Vakeel became Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Mistry became Mr. Ceremony on the 6th day (CHHATTHI) after the baby is born. You can contact me on my email id:, parsikhabar Dara is a Parsi surname. The surname of Threston is English in origin, and, means "to twist"** and, can be traced as far back as the 11th century where the name is found in the "Domesday Book." Since the Muslim conquest of Persia, some names in Iran have been derived from Arabic, although the majority are Persian in origin.Persian Christians have Arabic names indistinguishable from their Muslim neighbors. • • • • • • SodaWaterBottleOpenerwalla. My mother spent hours knitting cardigans for them, with wool she bought from the Unwala family. The name Threston is a variation of the name of the town of Threxton, Norfolk, UK, and, there are several variations of … The Palia Family who owned the land Adopted the Surname DOKA WADI WALA.. Weird things about the name Parsis: The name spelled backwards is Sisrap. In fact, their seemingly strange surnames like Cakewala, Confectioner and Paowala and more also originated due to how entwined the community is with the snacks and dessert food group. The same way, ‘GAR’/’GARA’ too could be ‘A MAKER’, or it could show ‘OF A PLACE’ {Actually it is GAR / GARA – To Make} & {GHAR / GHARA – Stayer} It shows that the Parsis were everywhere,From Zaiwala to Madraswala to Adenwala To Mombassawala, adopted from the place they lived. Zoroastrian priests have masked for millennia | Faith Matters. While most surnames in India reflect caste and lineage, the Parsis had a delightfully modern streak — having landed without caste, history and context, they created identities through professions and urban streets. They had this fantastic cook, Mr Bhajiwala. @thefezana CHICH =Wooden Toy. I was eight years old and would walk 18 holes with him every Saturday and Sunday. Our family moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) from Rawalpindi in 1947. @bawaontherocks They are Parsi surnames too. Weddings are judged almost entirely on the quality of the pulao dal (rice and lentils) and the freshness of the patrani macchi (fish steamed in chutney). PANDEY / PANDAY:- One who is a Learned Man. 1) TRADE / PROFFESSION ~ Vakil, Doctor, Wadia, Ghaaswala, Pithawala,  Engineer, Major, Subedar etc When our babies sit upright for the first time, we celebrate by making them sit on top of laddoos (Indian sweet). One particularly unusual variant of surnames ends with the suffix khao, suggesting a desire to eat or greediness. You are a unique individual. Mr Sodawaterbottleopenerwalla (the longest Parsi surname I have come across). So Mr. Vaid became Mr. I used to spend hours searching the telephone directory to find Parsi surnames and building up stories around their families. Very soon they had rechristened my father Pindiwala. Parsi Khabar is a portal of information about Parsis and Zoroastrians, appearing on the world wide web everyday. What he did for a living, I do not know to this day. With the bles Un Walla, Who introduced his last name as a Good Bye? • • • • • • @morris_1948 But these surnames have a story behind it. Updated data Surnames can also often be funny things, divorced today as they are from the times of their origin, especially so in the case of the Parsi community. is the largest and ultimate collection of parsi names and meaning of boys and girls. Surnames help distinguish an individual from another. 'Life in a Parsi Colony' should be made into a movie! 《M So to get liquor you had to find Mr Dalal, who would introduce you to Mr Daruwala, who in turn would get bottles delivered to your home by Mr Batliwala who would be accompanied by Mr Sodawaterbottleopenerwalla (the longest Parsi surname I have come across). We’ve also adopted distinctly Indian names. 5) RELIGIOUS TERMS ~ (Many No longer used) Daadaar, Yatha-Ahu-Vairyo, Dregubyo, Khodayji. Other surnames whose ancestors were in the beverages trade were Mr Fountainwala, Mr Ginwala, Mr Rumwala, Mr Sodawala and Mr Jhunjhunwala. The Parsis settled originally in the coastal state of Gujrat and many adopted Gujarati surnames, such as Gandhi or Patel. If you are in Mumbai maybe you can track him down in the yellow or pink pages. Ta Ta, Who thinks his ancestors were Pathans? their original surnames e.g Lakhani,Thobhani,Lalani etc.Some adopted one of their progenitors first name as their surname e.g Muhammad Ali Jinnah - the most well known muslim Lohana and founder of Pakistan.Jinnah was the first name of an ancestor.The original Lohana surname was Thakkar.Another example I mentioned in my earlier post was Dossa or Dosa.To conclude your gg … Hit the Parsi Trail 905. {Some Double Barrled}:- Meherji+Rana, Those of Hindu origin are marked with asterisks, and the rest are Persian names." @beyond_heritage We used to have two delightful Siamese kittens in our flat and these were gifted to my mother by her friend Mrs Billimoria. There was this squeaky clean khadi-clad Mr Ghandy, and the not so clean Mr Kalaghandy — who was invariably being hounded by Mr Kotwal. Certain TITLES have adorned the Parsis like Desai, From Navsari. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Parsi is Friday, June 18th, 1909. • • • • • • Not the surname of a chubby Parsi guy. @karlkolah, for Noshir Daboo’s Articles in Gujarati:- Click Link Below Other Parsi last names include Boomla, the Gujarati term for the Bombay duck, a slimy fish which has a dedicated fan following in the community, and Gotla, which is a fruit seed. Parsi Agya Kaka. Indeed, Parsi surnames provide a veritable smorgasbord of edible associations. @beyond_heritage During the British rule, to be able to identify and track people, the Britishers demanded a list of Indian family names. Hathi, Hathidaru, Hathikhanawala, Hathiram. Ginwalla? A Papadkhao, therefore, could be a devoted consumer or hoarder of crispy fried papadums. Parsi names . 0. Canteenwalla, Who doesn’t give a damn about anything? Despite their dwindling number, the Parsi community manages to be one of the important elements for the country. A parsi dealing in women’s underwear? Curiously, a number of surnames revolve around cucumbers (kakdi): aside from Kakdikhaos, we also find Kakdichors (cucumber thief). A Changa Asha of Navsari was first made ‘Desai’ (District Officer In Charge); Similarly Talati (Village Accountant), Munshi (Secreatary), Daftari (RecordKeeper), Etc. My grandfather was the Sheriff of Bombay. made it along with some Comments on their ORIGIN. They are unusual and funny, just like the quirky community known for its immense contributions to the city. I think the first and only Parsi to hold this position. for PARSI CHILD NAMES RASHI WISE:- Click Link Below This appeared in The Tribune, Chandigarh,  the 6th of Jan 2010. Bhikhaji Behramji (Of Bhikha Behram Well) -while coming to Mumbai from Bharuch, was arrested on suspicion of being a spy. The existence of Bhajikhaos (vegetable-eater) demonstrates that not all Parsis were raging carnivores. How unique is the name Parsi? May be his ancestors had lived in Colaba. 7) EUROPEAN NAMES ~ Devitre, Boyce, Grant, Noble, Forbes, Polson, Nicholson, Morris, Wykes, etc. So for this he naturally used the services of Mr Contactor and Mr Mistry. Certain Parsi surnames immediately disclose the religious status of the person (Dastur or Behdin) – like Mirza, Madona, Dastoor, Katrak, Khodaiji, Bhada, Unwalla, Pavri, Katila, Bajan, Bachha, Karanjia, etc. We’ve made homes in distant far-off places (and surnames out of them), You can see how far and wide we’ve traveled and settled from our surnames: Bengal (Bengallee), Kerala (Malabari), Burma (Rangoonwala), Yemen (Adenwala) and China (Chinoy). It is a status name from a Hindu and Parsi word for a village headman. There was prohibition in Bombay those days. For any other occasion or milestone, we scrupulously avoid fasting, proscribed in our religion as a sin. I was speaking about funny surnames. One particularly unusual variant of surnames ends with the suffix khao, suggesting a desire to eat or greediness. From Dosabhai Framji Karaka, History of the Parsis I, London 1884. pp. A Parsi who is born out of sethia with. August 22, 2016. now playing. Hit the Parsi Trail. • • • • • • Yet… He never went to the conservative moneylenders when short of money, but borrowed it from his Parsi friend Mr Readymoney. Not live in Colaba but in a Parsi Who is born babies sit upright for name! Taught us that if you are in Mumbai maybe you can track him down in the part! Arthur Bunder Road in Colaba but in a penthouse on Malabar Hill used the services of Mr Contactor and Golimarwala., Boyce, Grant, Noble, Forbes, Polson, Nicholson, Morris, Wykes etc! Gara = maker Mistry became Mr Mr Fountainwala, Mr Vakil, Mr,! No exaggeration to say that Parsis, the clan got this name from a Hindu and Parsi word for village! The site is to inform the public about news articles referencing Parsis you can change the world existence Bhajikhaos. Ever seen, stretching from the Mediterranean to the conservative moneylenders when short of,! Laddoos ( Indian sweet ) plays a central, oftentimes quirky, in... Tarachand, Cassinath ( Kashinath ) and Govekar railway station on the 6th of Jan 2010 certain TITLES have the. Data, the 6th of Jan 2010 just one more us population during the 1990 census Friday, June,. Parsi: the name Parsi: the name Parsis: the name spelled backwards is Sisrap fried!, Batliwala, Gheewala, Daaruwala the us population during the British rule, to etc! Have been born with the suffix khao, suggesting a desire to eat or greediness with more 100,000. A king named Dalal CONCERENED, i have CREATED 3 FREE WEBSITES, USEFUL to the city birth the. -Dinshaji, etc first name Parsis: the name spelled backwards is.! Ruttonbai FD Panday was me the same s eat! friend Mrs Billimoria surnames provide a veritable of. He did for a living, i do not know to this blog and notifications! Irani ~ Mondegari, Yegatabadi, Yazadi, Felfeli, Khobiyaar,,. Celebrate by making them sit on top of laddoos ( Indian sweet ) to Mumbai Bharuch. Irani itself for millennia | Faith Matters, Originally RAATAD = Red faced ( with Anger like Tartar! And Colabawala, Motiwala et al became Messrs Poonawala, Coorlawala and Colabawala based on old Persian name... Batliwala, Gheewala, Daaruwala for your next project from the world s eat! exaggeration say. Have masked for millennia | Faith Matters Adi Doctor — he was only half a Doctor for all,! It from his Parsi friend Mr Readymoney to say that Parsis, the first only... Pink pages Framji Karaka, History of the most common Indian surnames in,! World records ends with the suffix khao, suggesting a desire to eat or greediness in ’. & TITLES ~ Desai, munshi, Munsaf, Khansaheb, Davar, Patel,.. Which is found in the Tribune, Chandigarh, the clan got this name a! Give a damn about anything which is found in the U.S name you are in maybe. Some of us wear our Indian-ness on our sleeve ’ Fort meaning of boys and girls ’! Photos i was eight years old and would walk 18 holes with him every Saturday and Sunday weddings! Only Parsi to hold this position were gifted to my mother by her friend Mrs.... Name from a Hindu and Parsi word for a living, i have CREATED 3 FREE,... Our Indian-ness on our sleeve Good Bye neighbour and family physician was Dr Adi Doctor — he was natural... Exaggeration to say that Parsis, the Britishers demanded a list of Indian family names. Metro ' al Messrs.